Dental Membership Plan Software

Turn dental patients into plan members.

Turn-key software for busy dental practices to create, manage, and grow an in-house membership program that works for patients and your bottom line.

Plan & fee builder

Automatic billing

Custom signup site

Marketing support

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Offer membership plans that work for patients and your practice's bottom line.

In-house dental membership plans are care plans that you offer directly to your patients - cutting out the insurance middle man and providing patients with affordable and comprehensive dental benefits. Protect your practice from declining reimbursement rates, generate recurring revenue, improve patient loyalty, and increase case acceptance with Pearly's all-in-one membership plan platform.

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Benefits for Dental Practices

Generate recurring revenue and boost practice value.

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Generate $100k/year+ in recurring revenue.

Earn membership fees from your uninsured patients.

Increase net revenue 20-50% per patient.

Members are more profitable than insured patients.

2x uninsured patient visits.

Membership plans increase patient loyalty.

Attract new patients and boost practice value.

Millennials, retirees, and gig economy workers.

Benefits for Patients

Get comprehensive and affordable dental coverage.

See How Pearly Helps Patients

Save money and smile brighter.

Comprehensive preventive care and other discounts.

Get coverage in 90-seconds.

Enroll at your dentists office or online from any device.

No annoying paperwork.

Never wait for insurance claims to come through.

Total transparency.

Easy to understand pricing and benefits.

How it Works

Automate your membership program.

Pearly partners with your practice to create, promote, and manage a new or existing in-house dental membership program.


Design Your Plans.

Craft the perfect in-house dental membership plans for your practice with our intuitive Plan Builder. Leverage our best-practice templates or design from the ground-up. You have 100% control of the included treatments, subscription price, terms, and more.

Enroll Your Patients.

Patients signup for plans in your office or online, from any device, in 90-seconds. Our turn-key Membership Growth Services help your practice promote your program to new and existing patients with printed materials, digital advertising, and direct mail.

Manage Your Program.

Track enrollments, invite patients, edit program details, view performance metrics, and more from the easy-to-use Pearly Portal. Members can manage their benefits from a branded Member Portal. Pearly directly deposits membership fees into your practice bank account.

All-In-One Membership Management

Easy membership plan management.

Our easy-to-use, cloud based-software empowers your practice to create customized membership plans that generate profitable subscription revenue, improve treatment acceptance, and boost practice value.

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Build customized dental care plans in 10 minutes.

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Instantly enroll patients from your website or office.

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HIPAA compliant software and PCI secure billing.

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24/7 performance tracking and report access.

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Custom signup site, SMS invites, and marketing tools.

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Robust training and personalized support.

Track Payments and Performance

Accept payments and view key metrics.

We create a merchant bank account for your practice and patient payments are directly deposited. Easily track members, payments, and revenue to see how Pearly is performing for you.

Payment processing

Revenue tracking

Plan analytics

Downloadable reports

Membership Plan Builder

Design plans, set prices, and adjust discounts.

The intuitive Plan Builder makes it simple to create best-in-class membership plans that attract patients. Leverage our templates or craft your own from the ground up. You have everything at your finger tips and our team is with you every step of the way.

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Seamless Patient SignUp & Management

Self-service enrollment and member portal.

Deliver a delightful dental membership plan experience from 90-second signup to benefit use. Your members can access their plan details from any device, invite friends, and add family members with one-click from a custom branded member portal.

Any device access

Referral program

Add family members

Beautiful experience

Modern Payment Processing

Power to your patients.

Provide a frictionless, modern experience to your members by accepting more Payment Methods for subscription fees.

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All major credit & debit cards

Accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Maestro, JCB, and UnionPay. Uniform processing fee for all card types.

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Instant ACH / eCheck

Patients can securely authenticate with their bank username and password - no account or routing numbers required.

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Smart recovery features

Smarter saved cards, dynamic retries, and failed payment notifications mean more charges go through.

Why Choose Pearly?

The total solution for your practice.

Explore the benefits of Pearly's dental membership plan software by role:

Implementing a successful membership program is critical to the success of any dental practice today. From protecting your business from declining reimbursement rates to increasing patient loyalty, in-house membership plans work for your patients and your bottom line.

Dentists rely on Pearly's membership software to power successful membership programs from initial plan design to easy ongoing management. We work closely with your practice's team to ensure everyone is "bought-in" and comfortable talking to your patients about your membership club.

Our goal is for you to watch the recurring revenue roll-in and see your practice value grow.

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As a Dental Office Manager, you are busy! Fortunately, we built our software to make it easy for Office Managers to run membership programs.

We first work with you to design membership plans and fee schedules. We then ensure that your entire team is trained on how to enroll and manage members. From how to reconcile payments in your practice management software to adjusting plan terms, we're here to help make your in-house dental membership club a success.

Office Managers love how intuitive our software is - "it just works!"

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Pearly makes it simple for your group practice to create, launch, and grow membership programs in each office. Our powerful software enables custom plans and pricing for each office and provides robust analytics, so you gain insight into the performance at the group and office levels.

Our experienced team understands that launching a new program or migrating an existing one across multiple offices can be challenging. Our combination of innovative software and personalized support, including team training, streamlines the process so you can focus on practice growth.

We partner with you to craft your marketing strategy, set goals, and ensure accountability across all locations. Our membership growth platform is your total solution for success.

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Membership Growth Services

Grow your membership program with proven growth services.

Innovative growth services to turn your membership acquisition on autopilot. From marketing to team trainings, Pearly has your practice covered.

Plan consulting

Team training

Digital marketing

Targeted direct mail

Explore Our Growth Services
Superhero Support

Pearly is your partner in membership success.

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Membership Success Team

We help your practice craft the perfect plans for your practice and help attract new and existing uninsured patients to your membership program.

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Support Heroes

We help you answer any patient or member questions and address any other concerns from tech support to feature feedback.

Frequently asked questions

Helpful Answers

What are dental membership plans?

Membership plans are care plans that dental practices offer directly to your patients. Patients pay a subscription fee to your practice. You design the plan and set the pricing. Most plans typically cover all preventive care and discounts on other treatments, but it's entirely up to you.

Do you provide support?

Absolutely. We first help you craft the perfect plans for your practice during our free onboarding call. Once you're program is launched, our Membership Success team ensures you promote your plans to patients and is available for ongoing training. Finally, our Support Heroes are here to help answer any patient or member questions.

Do you offer a free trial?

Yes! Please book a demo with us to receive your custom price quote and free trial. On the demo, we will walk you through our software platform, answer any questions, and outline our simple and aligned pricing. We support solo-practitioners to large group practices.

How long does it take to launch?

It's shockingly simple and we can get you up and running in one day. While some practices may take longer if they prefer multiple-training calls, it's easy to get started. Schedule a time to speak with a product expert and we can get you set-up on the call.

Ready to learn more?

Schedule a free demo with a product expert who will show you how Pearly can help your dental practice grow.

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