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Boost the revenue, retention, and profitability of your dental clients by partnering with Pearly.

Let's grow together.

Help your dental practice clients offer In-House Membership Plans, collect more payments, faster with Pay-by-Text, and automate Accounts Receivable Collections.

Types of Partners

As a Consultant, you are focused on the numbers and getting your practices to outperform their competitors. Pearly's suite of products helps you do your job better and benefit your client's bottom line.

Help your clients launch and grow an in-house membership program quickly and easily with Pearly's Dental Membership Software. We work with you to craft the perfect, profitable plans and allow patients to enroll from any device. The Pearly Portal gives you complete visibility into program performance. Membership plan patients are more profitable than insured patients and generate a subscription revenue stream for the practice. Our platform and training aligns with your firm's activities to help our mutual clients grow.

Practices using Pearly's Pay-by-Text and A/R Collection Automation products crush their accounts receivable aging benchmarks. Combined with your expert team training, we can help practices collect more payments, faster, and reduce the cost to collect. Plus, practice staff loves the time savings!

Let's start a conversation to see how we can help our practices win together.

Dental membership plans are care plans that dentists offer directly to their patients. Successful practices promote their membership programs in their office and everywhere they attract new patients.

Pearly will work with your agency on an aligned marketing strategy and provide helpful campaign materials and ideas. We even have a website widget that drives patient prospects to a unique landing page to signup for plans.

Let's collobrate to help dental practices improve patient retention and net revenue, with integrated messaging and omni-channel marketing campaigns.

Pearly would love to collobrate with fellow software vendors. If you offer software that improves dental practice performance and proccesses, membership programs and innovative payment solutions are an important piece of the puzzle.

Our easy-to-use products are perfect add-ons to your existing offering. Let's discuss how we can collobrate to integrate our solutions and deliver better outcomes to dentists and patients.

Partnership Programs

Programs to win together.

Pearly offers two types of partnership programs that vary based on the depth of the relationship. Let's grow together!

Affiliate Partner

Collaborate to identify leads and rewards based on performance.

Joint sales effort

Share marketing materials

No commitment

Reward based on results

Superhero support

Strategic Partner

Custom partnership with strong commitment and integration.

Custom partnership arrangement

Potential software integration

Aligned sales goals

Product roadmap collobration

Superhero support