Pearly for Group Practices

Exceed your group practice goals.

Pearly is a turn-key dental membership management and growth platform built for group practice success.

Features and benefits your dental group practice needs to succeed and grow.

Pearly makes it simple for your group practice to create, launch, and grow membership programs in each office. Our powerful software enables customize plans and pricing for each office and provides robust analytics, so you gain insight into the performance at the group and office levels.

Our experienced team understands that launching a new program or migrating an existing one across multiple offices can be challenging. Our combination of innovative software and personalized support, including team training, streamlines the process so you can focus on practice growth. We partner with you to craft your marketing strategy, set goals, and ensure accountability across all locations. Our membership growth platform is your total solution for success.

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Dental care plans tailored for each office.

Each office can offer their own set of membership plans and control the benefits.

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Group practice analytics and performance tracking.

Understand how your programs are performing at the group level and dive into individual office analytics.

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Adjust fee schedules and subscription pricing by office.

Your offices serve unique patient bases and demographics. Adjust fees by location to maximize success.

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Delightful experience for your patients.

Pearly is a modern, intuitive solution that makes each office look good and provides access on any device.

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Integrated membership plan promotion tools.

Every office has access to our cutting-edge marketing tools that put member acqusition on autopilot.

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Personalized training and support.

We provide individual office onboarding to ensure every location gets started right.

Why Partner with Pearly

Your group practice success is our success.

We offer simple and transparent pricing. We will provide free migration for existing plans so you can have a unified view across all locations.

Other Vendors

Complex pricing

No marketing support

High implementation fees

Outdated & clunky software

Limited analytics

Pearly Platform

Simple pricing

Turn-key marketing support

No implementation fees

Cutting-edge & intuitive

Location & group insights

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