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Build patient loyalty.

Dental practices spend a tremendous amount of money and resources attracting new patients, but patient retention and compliance are often overlooked as critical components to practice success. Our Dental Membership Software empowers your practice to offer in-house care plans directly to your uninsured patients – turning them into loyal members.

Uninsured patients are 35.5% less likely to have visited their dentist in the past year versus insured patients, according to our Patient Preferences Study, with cost and lack of dental benefits driving this difference. If you dig into your practice management software, you’ll likely see a similar trend. Furthermore, when patients change jobs or retire, your practice is at risk of losing the patient to a competitor.


More visits to your office


More treatment accepted

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Membership loyalty effect

In-house membership plans protect your practice as your members become your best patients. Members visit the dental office 2x as often as uninsured patients and accept 50%+ more treatment. The “membership effect” delivers loyalty and members know that their preventive care is covered, so have an incentive to come in for regular cleanings. More importantly, patients love buying membership plans directly from their dentist.

For retiring baby boomers losing employer-sponsored coverage and millennials in the gig-economy, your in-house membership plan becomes a differentiator and provides your practice with an offering to retain your patients.

Join the forward-thinking dental practices who launch and grow in-house membership programs to foster patient loyalty and retain their uninsured patients.

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Grow recurring revenue.

If your dental practice is like most, you start each month at $0, towards your production goal. This monthly reset makes it challenging for your practice’s revenue stream during down months or prolonged economic recessions when patients delay dental treatment.

Imagine starting each month with predicable revenue coming in from patient membership fees. Forward-thinking dental practices experience this by offering in-house membership plans directly to patients with our Dental Membership Software.


Control of fee schedule


Monthly subscription fees

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No insurance middleman

Patients pay your practice a subscription fee for a membership plan that typically includes preventive care and discounts on other procedure categories. Your practice is 100% in control of the plan pricing, treatments, and terms. Every dollar paid by the patient goes toward dental care and is paid directly to your practice. By removing the insurance middleman, you take back control of your practice’s revenue stream and turn your hygiene department into a profitable subscription business.

Membership fees can add up fast for your practice as you scale your program. For example, 150 members paying an average of $300/yr turns into $45,000 per year in profitable and predicable revenue. Practices who commit to their membership program can quickly see 1,000 members paying subscription fees of over $300,000 per year or $25,000 per month. Now image walking into your office at the start of each month knowing a large chunk of subscription fee revenue has already hit your bank account.

Businesses with a recurring revenue stream receive higher valuations when it comes time to sell compared to non-recurring revenue companies. Your dental practice is no different. By smoothing out your practice’s revenue with membership fees, it becomes more reliable, predictable, and valuable.

Don’t start each month at $0 by transforming your practice with in-house membership plans.

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Boost practice profitability.

Pearly offers the complete toolkit to increase the profitability of your dental practice. Our Dental Membership Software turns your dental patients into members who generate more net profit compared to your insured patients. Collect more outstanding balances, faster, by allowing patients to Pay-by-Text and significantly reduce the cost and time spent to collect with our A/R Collection Automation product.

By eliminating the insurance middleman with in-house membership plans, your practice is protected from declining reimbursements from the insurance companies. For example, reimbursement rates for solo practitioners declined 8.7% last year, which directly hits your practice’s bottom line. Dentist take-home earnings have remained stagnant for decades while insurance companies pocket 40% of all dental industry revenue. Turn patients into more profitable members with membership plans that work for your patients and your practice’s bottom line.

Allow your patients to quickly and easily Pay-by-Text instead of annoying patients with collections calls and mailing expensive statements. You simply send a request (takes 10 seconds) and your patients receive a text message with a link to the invoice that they can pay on the go. With the A/R assistant for your dental practice, past due accounts from your practice management system are automatically sent intelligently timed and friendly text messages and emails until payment is completed.


More profitable than insurance


More A/R collected


Reduction in collection cost

Not all revenue is created equal. Predicable subscription fees from members protect your practice from the insurance companies and down production months. Accounts receivable that are 30, 60, or 90-days past due strains practice cash flow and is costly to collect.

Take a tour of Pearly to see exactly how our products work together to boost the profitability of dental practices through innovative payment solutions.

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Improve A/R collection rate.

If you have high accounts receivable on your books, then your practice is not realizing the profits of your hard work, but making collections calls is the worst. Your dental practice staff hates making them and your patients hate receiving them.

Our Pay-by-Text and A/R Collection Automation products empower your practice to collect 30% more accounts receivable. While a few patients intend to skip out on their bill or truly do not have the funds to pay, the vast majority are simply busy or need flexibility to pay over time in Installments. Sending statements by mail and making calls put friction between your practice and the patient’s payment.

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Give installment plan options


More A/R collected

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Automate collections

Text (SMS) messages have a 98% open rate and the average person responds to texts in 90 seconds. By allowing patients to easily pay on their phone, while on the go, your practice can increase the amount of and speed in which you collect past due balances. Persistence is the key to collecting aging receivables and it is why debt collection agencies take 20% to 50% of the total bill for their services. Your dental office manager or billing specialist has a lot on their plate and limited time for follow-up. We built our A/R assistant to step-in before your team needs to make a collection call and long-before you send the past-due bill to a collections agency.

Collecting patient payments quickly accelerates cash flow at your practice and writing off past due balances directly impacts your bottom line. Imagine technology that reaches out on your practice’s behalf automatically to patients by text message and email in a friendly, timely manner until a payment is made. Elevate your accounts receivable collection process with Pearly's proven solutions.

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Reduce cost to collect.

Do you know how much it costs your practice to collect a past due balance of $100 from a patient?

Mailing paper statements cost an average of $7.26 per statement and, if a $30 per hour practice staff member takes 20 minutes to make multiple calls to finally collect payment, that is another $10 out the door. When you add on merchant processing fees, sending eStatements, and factor in inflation, the cost to collect adds up fast for your dental practice.

Pearly’s A/R Collection Automation software is the virtual collections assistant that can reduce your cost to collect by 65%. We seamlessly integrate with your practice management system to automatically send patients with past due balances friendly, intelligently timed text messages and emails prompting them to complete payment via Pay-by-Text or online.

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Improve staff efficiency


Reduction in collection cost

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Patients pay faster

Dentists frequently tell us that the most common complaints from their staff are dealing with insurance and making collection calls to patients. By implementing membership plans to remove the insurance middleman and “hiring” our A/R assistant, your team will thank you for reducing the most painful part of their day.

Before making a collections call or sending an invoice to a debt collection agency, Pearly goes to work collecting more payments at a lower cost to your practice.

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Better patient experience.

Patients today expect a frictionless process to access and pay for comprehensive dental care.

The old way of accessing and paying for dental care involves complex insurance plans, understanding coverage limits, receiving paper bills from practices, and avoiding collections calls. It is a lose-lose for patients and practices.

Pearly powers the new way. Dental practices using Pearly offer membership plans directly to their patients, generate subscription fees for preventive care, and allow patients to pay for additional treatment with a quick text.

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Comprehensive dental care

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Complete transparency

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Modern payment process

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Any device access

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Modern interface

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Secure and encrypted

Pearly is a win-win for practices and patients. Transform your practice today and provide patients with the modern, frictionless experience they deserve.

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